Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sexuality IS Issue in Lexington Schools, says Boston Globe

Even the Boston Globe, no friend of traditional family values, sees that the issue in question in the Lexington public schools is sexuality. Whether it's David Parker's arrest over the kindergarten indoctrination of his 5-year-old son, or parents' objections to the "Day of Silence" at the high school, the Boston Globe Northwest got it right for once. Their headline says it all:

Sexuality issue roils schools: Day marking gay rights sparks confrontations.

Yet the ACLU attorney in Lexington says it's not about sexuality. The schools are just teaching about anthropology or civil rights. (Yeah, sure...)

And the Globe gets it right a second time! They acknowledge that GLSEN (a national extremist homosexual organization that has infiltrated schools across America) coordinates the "Day of Silence" (a.k.a. the Day of Homosexual Propaganda) in our high schools. This, despite the uniform protestations of principals across the state that it's a "student-led activity".

If even the Globe can see through this doublespeak, you know the Lexington Public Schools are in trouble!

(And P.S. to the Globe: It was MassResistance that alerted parents and groups around the state about the upcoming "Day of Silence". Mass. Family Institute later lifted our information and wording in the email they sent out.)