Thursday, May 12, 2005

David Parker's Civil Disobedience the Only Way He Could Be Heard

It's no wonder David Parker, the father arrested in Lexington, Mass., had to engage in civil disobedience to be heard! Parker, who was protesting homosexual propaganda in his kindergartner's school and the school's violation of the Parental Notification law, has been subjected to a barrage from the Lexington LGBTQI Fourth Reichers.

MassResistance has researched the coverage of Parker's arrest in the Lexington Minuteman newspaper. Clearly, the fascists of Lexington are marching in lockstep! (Our scores include editorials, guest commentaries, feature columns, and letters to the editor; but do not include a biased news story or the uncontested press release from the Superintendent.)

May 5, 2005 issue:
15 Anti-David Parker
2 Pro-David Parker

May 12, 2005 issue:
10 Anti-David Parker, or pro-same-sex "marriage"
2 Pro-David Parker

(In both weeks' issues, a "weighted" score, considering the type of item, would yield a much more unbalanced score, say 30-2, or 20-2.)

In the May 5 issue, the executive director of the Massachusetts ACLU (who lives in Lexington) had a guest commentary. There were 13 letters to the editor against Parker and his "bigotry" and "intolerance", plus an article entitled "When Hate Comes to Town" (by the local "No Place for Hate" Committee--that loving group!). And the lead "news story" was hardly balanced. Only two letters supporting Parker.

The May 13 issue includes a glowing front-page article on gay & lesbian "married" couples in Lexington, "Legal year of bliss". We hear from happy couples -- Peter and his "husband" Wayne, Bonnie and her "wife" Sherry.

Then lesbian radical activist Meg Soens weighs in with a guest commentary. We hear that Soens pops up all over town, including the Estabrook School anti-bias committee. How interesting that Soens also led a session at the infamous "Fistgate" GLSEN workshop in 2000, on how to incorporate gay and lesbian issues into an elementary school curriculum.

The lead editorial says "there is still hate out there." There's another guest commentary from the chairman of the Estabrook School "anti-bias committee" (which sponsors the diversity book bags). A guest commentary on the "best interests of the child." An article on kids offering a lesson in diversity. Plus four letters protesting Parker's "homophobic bigotry".