Monday, May 09, 2005

Gay Film Festival Too Tame, Says Globe

The Boston Globe uses the "gay" film festival as an excuse to get photos of smooching gay couples into the paper. Interesting that the fault they find with the festival is that the "lineup is safe and sincere".

"Boston's gay festival circuit might have to head back underground and find new people who can restore the danger and thrill of art to the cinema. The last thing anyone should want from a festival, any festival, is to leave flattered, to feel safe."

No, they'd prefer to see something a little more edgy. Who wants to watch passe stuff like "African-American macho lesbians...thugs and drug dealers who pass, or could pass, as black men." Or drag artists. Or two women trying to conceive. Boring!

MassResistance suggests more movies about transgenders and transsexuals -- the future of the movement. Maybe some documentaries on sex-change operations? Or how about some initiation stories--all those young people who go to BAGLY or the various "counseling" venues, and learn from their elders?

"Gay art" has got to be really out there to catch their attention now. Tales of old-fashioned perversion are no longer enough.