Sunday, May 29, 2005

Convicted Polygamist in Stoneham: "What's the big deal?"

The Globe Northwest reports on a 40-year-old Stoneham, Massachusetts man who has been found guilty of polygamy and fined $500. The man claims he thought he was divorced from his first wife, but wasn't really. ("2 wives, 1 forgetful husband, $500 fine.: Man pleads guilty in polygamy case." May 29, 2005. No link available.)

According to the Globe, "Polygamy, the practice of having more than one spouse at a time, is illegal in Massachusetts. It carries a maximum penalty of five years in state prison, but is rarely prosecuted."

The polygamist, Joseph Angi, "doesn't understand the fuss." He said, "I'm guilty; yeah, what's the big deal? [In Massachusetts] we let gays marry each other."

MassResistance agrees with Mr. Angi. We don't understand why he's been prosecuted. What rational basis is there to deny him the right to marry several women at once? He just happened to hook up with his grade-school sweetheart recently, his "first kiss". It's all about love. What right does the state have to stand in the way?