Wednesday, May 25, 2005

BAGLY Pushing Our Children Into Sex Changes

BAGLY (Boston Area Gay & Lesbian Youth) has reposted its photos on their home page, which they took down for a few weeks before their GLBTQIA prom at Boston City Hall on May 21. (Why had they taken them down? Worried inquisitive parents would see where their children were going, and what they were being drawn into?)

As we said some weeks back, we found these photos very disturbing, especially the second frame down: an apparent trans female-to-male young person.

These photos are even more disturbing now that we have learned more about the Executive Director of BAGLY, Grace Stowell. Stowell recently presented a session on "trans" youth at the now infamous GLSEN conference at Brookline High School on April 30.

Not content with pushing "straightforward" male homosexuality, lesbianism, and "bisexuality", the latest trendy radical perversion is the "trans" lifestyle: transgender, transsexual, and "intersex". (We're still trying to figure out what this all means.)

The gay/straight alliances in the high schools, the "diversity" assemblies, and the Day of Silence all point our children to this scary world. BAGLY, according to Ms. Stowell, now attracts a large number of "trans" youth. Their website directs children to a transsexual "health" website, Transgender Care (specializing in "medical feminizing"). Here our young people can research illustrated topics such as:

And they can link to the Transgender Directory Project, including 1300 transgender websites! We would guess that Dr. Carl Bushong (behind the Transgender Care site) must be a BIG donor to BAGLY...

We are certain that BAGLY could not possibly be sexist, and must certainly provide our children with female-to-male surgical advice as well, such as breast removal information.