Saturday, May 21, 2005

One-Year Anniversary & the Little Black Book

The "gays" have celebrated their one-year anniversary of same-sex "marriage". The Boston Globe, along with the gay newspaper Bay Windows, thought the more important commemoration was the photo op with the newly "married" couples in front of the State House.

But the true seminal event took place before far fewer members of the mainstream media, in Boston City Hall Plaza (site of the first same-sex "marriages" last May 17). Article 8 Alliance held its press conference there on the effects of one year of same-sex "marriages" on the state, surrounded by jeering gay activists who had no idea what was about to hit them -- the Little Black Book. And surrounded by reporters who mostly sneered, and ignored what Brian Camenker had to say. (He didn't just mention the Little Black Book. Reporters might want to review their notes.)

We watched as reporters for the MSM glanced at each other knowingly, dismissively. They're just so "with it", so condescending towards those silly people with signs warning about judicial tyranny, and the homosexual agenda.

Well, we think the media might be paying attention now. For years, warnings about the radical homosexual agenda have been ridiculed. Now, with Article 8's expose on GLSEN and the Little Black Book, people across America are shocked. Even left-leaning columnists (Margery Eagan and Beverly Beckham of the Boston Herald) have had to acknowledge the filthiness, degradation, and danger in the Little Black Book.

This is where the radical homosexuals, GLSEN, BAGLY, et al. are taking OUR children. Now you've seen the putrid truth of the so-called "SAFE SEX" message exposed in the Little Black Book. What else is out there? What has GLSEN been disseminating to our children in their "Gay/Straight/Bisexual/Transgender/Questioning/Intersex/Allies club meetings? Do you know?

How could you know what's going on in these gay/straight clubs? Your child can attend without the school notifying you. The homosexual activists sponsoring these clubs (GLSEN) are totally unaccountable, outside of the law. Are you concerned now? Do you know what they're telling our children? What Little Black Books they're handing out? Where they're telling them to go to meet others who share their concerns, who understand their feelings and problems?

MassResistance knows. Stay tuned.