Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mass. Democrat Platform Set to Endorse Same-Sex "Marriage"

The Boston Globe reports that Massachusetts Democrats are "set to back same-sex marriage" in their state party platform. The 3,000 party delegates will vote on the platform statement on May 14. Only two other state Democrat platforms, in Iowa and Colorado, endorse same-sex "marriage".

All the likely Democrat candidates for Massachusetts governor are fine with this: "Among the likely Democratic gubernatorial candidates in 2006, Secretary of State William F. Galvin and former assistant US attorney general Deval Patrick both support the platform change. A spokesman for Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly was noncommittal on the platform change when contacted yesterday, but he reiterated Reilly's support for the legality of same-sex marriage here."

"A Boston Globe poll in March found that 71 percent of Democrats surveyed statewide said they believed same-sex marriage should be allowed, and 24 percent did not."

" ''We really, as a party, have to move beyond this issue,' Galvin said. ''This is not what's holding our state back. It's job loss, loss of an economic plan. We've got to get the state moving again.' "

Well, we're not ready to say this issue is unimportant, and that we should move on. Nor do we think most Americans would say that.

Is it any wonder Massachusetts is losing population? Massachusetts--the most extreme example of a one-party state in the country--cannot afford to move any further out of step with the rest of the country. We're already a laughing stock. Now, who--other than gays--will want to move into this state?

Galvin wants to see economic growth. But you're not going to see a growing economy with a falling population. And as the gay population increases (drawn by strong gay "marriage" and strong pro-gay statements from the party leadership), we'll continue to lose population. After all, it's sort of hard for gays to reproduce at a rate that will keep the population growing, or even stable.

NOTE an important correction to this report: The Globe writes, "Massachusetts remains the only state that has legalized gay marriage." WRONG! Gay "marriage" has never been legalized. It has been implemented by judicial fiat alone.