Sunday, May 01, 2005

Arrogant, Ignorant Attack on David Parker in Boston Globe

The MassResistance staff apologizes for the pause in our postings. We've been busy in Lexington, and at the Concord District Courthouse, defending parents' rights and the rule of law.
We knew the assault on Lexington father David Parker would come from the p-c media. Though we doubt Parker--just a regular guy looking out for his family-- was quite prepared for the nasty, mean-spirited attack on him by Eileen McNamara.

Her insipid, irrational hit column ("Great minds don't think" -- whatever that's supposed to mean!) demonstrates once again that the hatred and bigotry are on her side. How can a desire to protect one's parental rights be equated with stupidity?

Where does she give a straightforward, honest statement of the facts of this case? Where is any mention of the Parental Notification Act (Ch. 71, Sec. 32A of Massachusetts General Laws)?

Remember, state LAW recognizes that parents have the right to control their children's exposure to human sexuality issues in the schools. But state law does not recognize parental rights relating to discussions of capital punishment.