Monday, May 16, 2005

AIDS Action Committee and the Tangled Boston Social/Political Web

The Article 8 Alliance is exposing the unbelievable social and moral treachery of groups such as GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight [Re-] Education Network) and the AIDS Action Committee, and where these groups are leading our young people.

As MassResistance began looking into this new "high society" of Boston -- [Why aren't we ever invited to their parties?] -- we remembered seeing the AIDS Action Committee's Executive Director on Boston Magazine's list of the "Thirty-Five Gay Power Players" in Massachusetts.

Rebecca Haag (Mass. AIDS Action Committee Exec. Director) "made a name for herself in the corporate world, including as a vice president at Burlington's high-tech Wheelhouse Corporation, then left it two years ato to lead AIDS Action, which annually helps 2,500 people with AIDS."

Does AIDS Action "help" by distributing the "Little Black Book" ?? Or does it promote dangerous homosexual sex?

We also noted that Haag "and partner Mary Breslauer (number 13) [on the Boston Magazine Gay Power Players list] moonlighted last year as models in an ad for the Brookline boutique the Studio, co-owned by Theo Epstein's mom, Ilene."

Then we checked out #13, Mary Breslauer: "Longtime political scenester Breslauer led Tom Reilly's 1998 charge for attorney general... Last year she was an original host of WFNX's gay-focused One In Ten [...Don't they mean One in a Hundred?] radio program. Last year, she was a major lobbying force for same-sex marriage and advised the Kerry campaign on gay and Lesbian issues. She's also on the board of the Human Rights Campaign."

This is the new social elite of Boston. Promoting unhealthy lifestyles wherever they turn.