Saturday, May 07, 2005

Radical Homosexuals Attack Normal Parenting

How low can they go? Now Bay Windows is attacking what they call "Right-wing parenting techniques" as exemplified by David Parker of Lexington. MassResistance's first take was that it was better to let this flea-bitten, nasty attack dog lie undisturbed. But then we realized how much we could learn about the strategy of the radical homosexual movement from this factually-challenged editorial.

It was the radical homosexuals' strategy to politicize their sexuality, instead of keeping it private. They brought it up, we didn't. They so craved validation for their private sexual practices, they made it a public and political issue.

Next, their strategy called for politicizing parenting, knowing it would win them emotional points. They got the "right" to adopt children, and demanded their partners be recognized as parents too. Divorced, formerly heterosexual parents brought children into homosexual households. (Gee, I thought homosexuals were born homosexual. How is it that so many had heterosexual relationships? Or should we call these people "bisexual"? So confusing!) So now there are many children in homosexual-headed households.

And now the children are being used as pawns in the homosexuals' struggle for political power. Any challenge to "gay marriage" is characterized as an attack on their families and their children's security.

Not content with this ploy, we are now seeing a brazen attack on traditional parenting by the homosexual movement, as evidenced in Bay Windows' biting editorial on a NORMAL, HEALTHY family.

The homosexuals are holding up their children as shields to protect themselves, the supposed adults. Contrast this with the Parker family, where we see the opposite: True parents shielding their children from evils in the "real world" the children are not yet equipped to face.

The homosexual movement's attack on our children (and our parenting) falls into three categories:

--Morally undermining traditional parents' values: This is done primarily through the public schools, with the help of the entertainment industry and mainstream media.

--Legally challenging traditional parents (still in the formative stage): Homosexual radicals will charge that traditional parents are guilty of "hate crimes" if they instill traditional, Judeo-Christian beliefs about marriage and family structure. They will say these "unfit, bigoted parents" should have their children taken from them by the DSS, or should be thrown in jail if they make a stink at their school!

--Recruitment and rape (spiritual and physical) of our children. What do you think the "gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/questioning/etc." clubs in the high schools are all about? The gay prom at Boston City Hall? GLSEN's yearly teach-out, where kids are taught about fisting, trans-sexual surgery, etc.? All these link our young people with older homosexuals, eager to teach them the ropes.

If you want to understand The Third Reich, read Hitler's Mein Kampf. If you want to understand the Bolshevik Revolution, read Lenin's What Is To Be Done?. If you want to understand the radical homosexual revolution, read the Gay Rights Platform (1972) and the Homosexual Manifesto (1987).

They're coming after all of us, not just the Parkers. They'll start by taunting parents who disagree with their lifestyle. "What if your children grow up gay...Will you still love them?" ... "We feel sorry for children growing up with bigots for parents." ... "The Department of Social Services should take your children from you, because you're teaching hatred."... etc. But it's going to get much worse.