Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Secular Theocracy" in Massachusetts

A good piece by Lee Duigon, who writes for the Chalcedon Report. Reprinted (slightly shortened) from Men's News Daily.

Massachusetts Building Secular Theocracy
By Lee Duigon, May 4, 2005

While we're all waiting for the Christian theocracy to come along and erase the Bill of Rights, a Massachusetts father spent a night in jail ... for not wanting his six-year-old son to be brainwashed in school. (For the full story, see

The father, David Parker, of Lexington, insisted that he be notified of any attempt by the school to "teach" his child--who is in kindergarten--matters pertaining to "sexuality and family life" so that he could opt the six-year-old out of those sessions. Under Massachusetts [law], he has that right. Well, we all know what a written law is worth in Massachusetts. ...

[T]his is not a column about judicial tyranny. It is about the secular theocracy which that judicial tyranny serves. At the heart of the matter is the fallacy that the state is neutral in matters of religion. An individual can sit on the fence and dither about whether God exists or not. A government, which must make public policy, cannot.

In Lexington, Massachusetts--and most other places in America--school authorities and a judge, agents of the government, have decided that God does not exist and that man (some men, but certainly not Mr. Parker) is God instead. They wouldn't admit it in so many words, but that's what their actions mean.

If God does exist, He is the source of morality. If the Law doesn't come from the finger of God, it's not the law; it's only somebody's opinion. If God is God, then He is supreme and the state is under Him, and its authority is inferior to His.

But if God does not exist, then naked apes are free to exercise as Law whatever they can make stick. If there is no God, then the top spot goes to whoever is strong enough, smart enough, rich or ruthless enough to grab it and keep it.

Are we truly "endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights," or do we have only those rights the state will grant us?

The truth is that America's public schools have become a religious enterprise, promoting the godless religion of secularism--and pushing it hard enough to push a man right into jail. The schools cannot teach Christian, Jewish, or Muslim children that homosexuality is "right" without teaching them that their parents, and their parents' religious beliefs, are wrong. There is no middle way.

Now, parents, you know the score. You must either leave your children in the public schools and surrender to the schools' religion, pull them out, or somehow get your schools under control. The choice is yours.

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