Friday, May 27, 2005

Globe Pushing Us Into the Bedroom

We thought we were supposed to stay out of others' bedrooms? Why then does the Boston Globe push us into the bedroom--and force us to focus on the bed--of a prominent queer couple?

The Globe's "queer eye" story features the director of the Gay Men's Chorus and his partner, who teaches at Boston Conservatory. We are treated to color photos of their beautifully decorated, just so right South End brownstone. In their bedroom:

"there's an eye-catching zebra skin and on the bed there's a buffalo skin -- both shot by [one of their] brothers. A large mahogany bed crafted by a South Carolinian dominates the room. On the back of it there's a plaque with the date the bed was made and who it was made for. The couple has added another plaque with their names and the date they bought the bed at auction so that its history will be preserved.

"The idea for [the dining room] was to be a jewel box, a really intimate space. The walls are padded so it's very quiet at night."

This is all part of the campaign to normalize queer life. The "living" sections of the paper are often employed in this propaganda war. At least we're spared the term "husband". (Guess they're not quite ready to tie the knot.)