Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lexington Battle Rages On

Yesterday, the newly formed Lexington Parents for Respect held a news conference, then proceeded to confront the Lexington School Committee over the arrest of fellow parent David Parker. (Mr. Parker was not able to attend the meeting, as he would have been arrested for trespassing on school property.) The homosexual agenda in the schools there is out of control, and these parents weren't going to take it any more.

The parents had just learned of GLSEN's latest treachery: handing out the Little Black Book at its April 30 conference, attended by some Lexington students.

MassResistance hears that the School Committee and Superintendent Hurley were literally shaking by the end of the meeting last night. They are not used to hearing the truth, as it was spoken by members of Lexington Parents for Respect.

But the jackbooted thugs currently in control of the Lexington schools don't know when to stop lying. (Go ahead, Lexington lemmings, run yourselves right off the cliff!) They continued to call the concerned parents and Article 8 "liars" all day today.

Did they really believe GLSEN??? Did they really think that the LITTLE BLACK BOOK was not given out at the GLSEN conference on April 30? THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS at worst, and gullible fools at best.

How sad to see young people being used by these adults. One young Lexingtoninan named Eva Rosenberg, student leader of the Lexington High School "Gay/Straight Alliance (also a GLSEN Boston Board youth member, and a GLSEN "National Jump-Start Student Organizer") said on the town's online discussion group:

The "word 'gay agenda' is a laughable term... The little black book WAS NOT GIVEN OUT. Please check your facts. As an attendee, presenter, and organizer at/of the conference, I can emphatically say that no such explicit materials were handed out-and I believe my word, and the word of other attendees/planners/etc who say that they would nver approve of such materials being given out in such context, should be respected over the word of those who were not at the conference. Even the AIDS Action Committee itself denies any connection with GLSEN Boston! Yes, there were Lexington students at the conference, I am proud to say. I am proud to work with GLSEN and encourage you to check your facts before you spread malicious lies that only contribute to hateful treatment of GLBT individuals."

What do you suppose Eva might have to say now that GLSEN has retracted its smear of Article 8, and admits the Little Black Book was given out at the conference?

Another Lexington contributor called the report about the Little Black Book "just inflammatory nonsense ... this stuff makes people angry and hateful and paranoid ..."

Then there's an email from the Chairman of the Lexington School Committee, Helen Cohen, who referred to "the rumor about graphic material handed out at the meeting in Brookline."

One enlightened and progressive Lexingtonian, Glenn Parker, said that even if the Little Black Book was passed out, there was nothing terribly offensive about it. The Lexington Parents for Respect people are just a bunch of repressed Victorian prudes who never came to terms with their own sexuality:

"I read the 'extremely vulgar, vile, offensive and graphic' Little Black Book, so generously published online by Article 8 (with no concern fortheir blatant copyright infringement).
In brief, it's a wonderful book!

"If I were young and sexually active (or soon to be) and gay, this book would be an absolute godsend. The information is presented in an open and clear manner, and it offers awealth of information about how to live a happy and safe life as a gayperson in Massachusetts. I think this book will literally save lives.

"Now, if you are generally squeamish about sex, and/or completely repulsed by the idea of gay sex, this book is not for you (unless, likesome notable right-wing activists, you are simply in denial about yoursexuality). Like adolescents who refuse to admit that their parents "do it" (ignoring how they themselves came into being), some people are going to be downright terrified by this book.

"The idea that this book might be interesting and relevant to some of their own family's adolescents is probably the last straw. I'm trying to picture Bree Vandecamp (from Desparate Housewives) at a GLSEN program. The histrionics about how this book is being distributed are amusing, and I put no stock in accusations about 'endangering minors' coming from such patently biased sources. If you want to get serious, find a statement directly from GLSEN about how they use this book and for whom they think it is appropriate. Then we can talk about it like grownups."