Friday, May 06, 2005

"Youth Pride Day" In Boston, May 21: How Many More Will They Recruit?

MassResistance hopes Governor Romney has seen the error of his ways. Last year, he issued a proclamation "celebrating" Youth Pride Day in Boston. Why would he want to celebrate the enticement of confused young people into an unhealthy "lifestyle"? What was he thinking? Sadly, his office and your tax dollars are still supporting this unfortunate event. See the poster for this year's 11th annual event.

Maybe this year Governor Romney can do his homework before falling further into this trap. Does he really know what he's supporting? He should eliminate the "GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION ON GAY AND LESBIAN YOUTH"! (It's the "Youth Committee" of this Commission that's sponsoring Youth Pride Day.)

Following "Youth Pride" events on the Boston Common, Mayor Thomas Menino throws open the doors of Boston City Hall to the 25th annual Gay Prom on Saturday night, May 21. The prom is sponsored by BAGLY, the Boston Association of Gay and Lesbian Youth. Not only are they promoting "straightforward" male and female homosexuality... They now include "bisexual", "transgender" (pictured 2nd photo down?), "questioning", plus "I" and "A" youth. [We're so innocent at MassResistance, we don't even know what the last two stand for.] From the posting:

What do people wear? EVERYTHING! Most people dress like their [sic] going to a hip club. Some people dress like thier [sic] going to a high school prom. Some people dress like their [sic] going to a star wars [sic] convention. Some people come in drag. Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt. What is it like inside? It's like a huge queer club.

Maybe you'd like to volunteer for a condom cleanup crew on Sunday, May 22 at Boston City Hall Plaza? Last year, just two days after the Gay Prom on May 15, the same-sex "weddings" began on the plaza. We were there. The plaza was littered with used condoms, probably from the evening of the 15th.