Sunday, May 15, 2005

Adoption by Gay Couple Presented as Normal

Here we go again with the Boston Globe's managed news. The Globe Magazine (5-15-05) runs a feature pushing the normality of two "married" men wanting to adopt a child. ("Special Delivery: Selling ourselves in a 'Dear Birth Parent' letter is a high-stakes assignment.")

The author describes his, and his "husband's", angst as they compose their "Dear Birth Parent" letter. They want to be chosen as the adoptive parents so badly! He discusses how he has to "Disneyize" the letter and keep it "homogenized, kowtowing to an imagined collective consciousness that is easily offended and must not be provoked."

Obviously, the "married" couple's photo will reveal that they are both male. But the birth parents could be turned off by too much talk about a dog, or a report of TV shows they don't like, as easily as the fact that the adoptive parents are a gay couple, the author implies.

MassResistance has pointed out how well this sort of propaganda works, tugging on all of our emotions. ("Adoptions by Homosexual Couples Were Key.") These guys just want to have a child to love. See, gay households are no different from straight!