Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bay Windows: It's Not Over Yet

Bay Windows ... again. Yes, Jeff & Sue, it's NOT over yet. Sadly, we must we revisit this mess.

Bay Windows claims it's officially back on the shelves at Stop & Shop and Shaw's supermarkets. This certainly was true at the Lexington Stop & Shop, where MassResistance often shops. There it was, FREE, right inside the front door, where young children can take it and go with no one noticing.

Maybe these supermarkets missed the filth and perversion that's in the April 28-May 4 issue, on their shelves right now. A sampling:

News in Brief, p. 4: Discusses the "no I.D., no bathroom" policy at Friend's Landing, a Haverhill alternative nightspot. "Transgender women" are upset that they can't use the women's restroom anymore if they don't have vaginas, and their driver's licenses say they're male. A customer complained that "she" had never had a problem at the restrooms before. "Then all of a sudden ... they're checking people's I.D.'s at the bathroom. A number of the women are in various stages of transition." "She" called the gender checking "absurd". "I never heard of having a vagina check to go to the bathroom," she said. [... Neither have we!]

[An aside: Did you know that when you renew your Massachusetts driver's license, there is a box to check if you want to CHANGE YOUR SEX?!!]

News in Brief, p. 5: "Forum on meth and barebacking offers few answers." The speaker "began his remarks by asking the men in the room whether any of them preferred anal sex with condoms to anal sex without protection. Not one man raised his hand."

Speed Dating for Dykes, p. 14:
"Toast [a Somerville nightspot] played host to Speed Dating for Dykes on April 22 -- as if lesbians, notorious for pairing off quicker than a couple of bunny rabbits -- need any help in that department. Nonetheless, the Somerville nightspot turned out a good crowd of lesbians looking for love, pronto. Participants had five-minute chats with a host of different gals, so we're guessing that at least a couple of them got lucky by night's end. The event was a fundraiser for the Boston Dyke March, which will take to the streets June 10."

mgaytours.com ad, p. 25: Naked male torso, from nipples down to just above ...

Tops & Bottoms wanted ad, Arts section, p. 4: Fenway Community Health seeking volunteers, "HIV-negative men, ages 18-45, who have been a top or bottom in the past 6 months..."

"Celebrating the Body Erotic" ad, Arts section, p. 9: "Discover your gifts! Learn about waking up and sustaining erotic energy, giving and receiving pleasure, and expressing your desires." [website and phone # given]

etc. etc. etc.

Click here for Stop & Shop and Shaw's/Star Market contact info.