Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who Controls the Massachusetts Legislature?

Left: House Speaker DiMasi (on left) consulting with Bill Conley, recently arrested "gay" lobbyist.

Right: "Gay" lobbyist Bill Conley (in center) giving marching orders to Representatives including David Linsky (on right) of Natick. Linsky filed a bill in the last session to decriminalize bestiality (and sodomy).

Sal DiMasi, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, would like us to believe that he is giving the orders at the State House. But it appears that the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC) is pulling many of the corrupted strings in this state. And now that one of Massachusetts' own, Patrick Guerriero, is running the Gill Foundation (which doles out millions for the most radical GLBT causes), we can expect to see more of our legislators bending over for that lobby.

For years, Bill Conley (lobbyist for MGLPC and MassEquality) has been a favorite visitor to DiMasi's office. Conley, recently arrested for soliciting UMass college boys for oral sex, continued to lobby at the State House through July -- for weeks after his arrest -- against the marriage referendum and for homosexual programs in our public schools. And DiMasi was guest of honor at a Back Bay fundraiser for MGLPC (which pays Conley's salary) -- almost three weeks after Conley's arrest.
DiMasi has the utmost respect for Conley. Here's what DiMasi said at that fundraiser (InNewsWeekly, 8-2-06):
The House speaker also spoke personally of his Italian immigrant heritage and his legal training, all of which easily brought him along the yellow brick road of gay equality. DiMasi said his grandfather taught him that "everyone in America has equal opportunity." [Would his Italian immigrant grandfather have thought "equal opportunity" included sodomy "marriage"?] He added, "That's what everybody deserves." DiMasi also offered words of encouragement for the battle ahead to preserve marriage equality. "The battle will be won by each and everyone of you going out, proving to everyone that you are a good human being, a valued member of the community," he said. "Guess what?" the House speaker said. "You have been extremely successful in creating [that kind of] goodwill." Added DiMasi, "I may have given you the opportunity but you really made the difference."
. . .Grace Sterling Stowell ["male-to-female trans" person, busy pushing transsexuality on our school children], executive director of Boston Area Gay and Lesbian Youth, or BAGLY, said she came to thank the Caucus for its continuing support for youth funding. [Note: BAGLY identifies itself as the "Boston Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth."]

And did Speaker DiMasi give Grace a little peck on the cheek after her talk?