Saturday, August 04, 2007

Trans Teacher Video: Soon Unstoppable In Our Schools?

Watch this most informative video interview with a "trans" professor of "gender studies" in Toronto. It's what's coming our way -- teachers behaving like this in our public schools, as authority figures and role models for our children. And you won't be able to object! This is just one version of so-called "gender expression" that will be let loose by the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill the homosexual/trans lobby is gearing up to pass this year (H1722).

Fantasia Fair (April 22, 2007 )
Miqqi Gilbert on CBC television
"CBC News: Sunday" a television news magazine from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has aired an episode titled "Cross-Dressing Professor" and the subject of this episode is our own Miqqi Gilbert.
"Meet the cross-dresser professor: he's married, he's straight, and he no longer fits into his tennis skirt. We introduce you to Professor Michael Gilbert, a tenured professor who teaches philosophy and gender studies at York University, and ask: is it really all fun and games when you live as the opposite gender?" You can watch the segment on the CBC's website at