Thursday, August 16, 2007

United Way and Mass. DPH Fund "Transwomen" Handing Out Condoms & Lube

United Way has posted a notice for volunteers to pass out condoms and anal lube in cruising spots, including "public sex areas" and bars. Bear in mind that the program PUMP (part of "Cambridge Cares About AIDS" or CCAA) receives funding from the state as well as United Way. The "trans men" sought would be women posing as men; the "transgender women" would be men posing as women. (We think; but in this evolving world of perversion, who knows for sure?) Yet the United Way refuses to support the Boy Scouts!

Peer Educators Wanted
(Last updated on July 6, 2007)

The PUMP (Peers Using More Prevention) Program is currently seeking gay/bi/trans men and transgender women to conduct peer education and outreach to men who have sex with men and transgender women in the Cambridge/Boston area (bars, clubs, online websites, public sex areas, and on the street). Outreach activities include distributing condoms, engaging priority populations in conversations about HIV/AIDS, providing harm reduction peer-to-peer counseling, and referrals to outside services.Volunteers must be at least 21 years old.

This opportunity is sponsored by: Cambridge Cares About AIDS. We need volunteers who are free at these times: Evenings, Weekly, Weekends. This volunteer opportunity is available to the following types of volunteers Adults (26-54) Young Adults (18-25) Contact Person: Carol L, Human Resources Address: 17 Sellers Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

We first posted on PUMP over a year ago, when we discovered they have an outreach at Youth Pride. That could explain the numerous older men in drag we observed circulating among the teenagers at the Boston Common event last May. PUMP's web site declares:

PUMP IS PROUD TO COLLABORATE WITH: ["a project by, for, and about men in the sex industry"];; and

We wrote about PUMP's parent organization CCAA then: Needless to say, we believe HIV/AIDS sufferers should receive compassionate care, help with housing, etc. And we admire those who are able to help in this way. What we don't understand is why such programs as CCAA and Fenway -- and the state Dept. of Public Health -- play along with and encourage men in the deadly "gay" lifestyle. Even CCAA's anonymous HIV testing program tells clients they may not be ready for the trauma of an AIDS test, so it's OK to put it off. [The latter reference, to postponement if not ready, has since been removed.]

We also linked to a story about CCAA's "Transcend" Pride event, established to include the under 21 trans population, with sponsorship of the Dept. of Public Health. Our new Commissioner of Public Health is a homosexual activist who told children at Youth Pride this May that he'd be sure they would receive HIV/AIDS testing they needed! That's what "public health" has come to.

John Auerbach, Mass. Dept. of Public Health Commissioner, at Youth Pride on the Boston Common, May 2007 [photo: MassResistance]

Why doesn't law enforcement do something about shutting down these public anonymous sex encounter locations, in the cause of public health? We know the answer: cries of homophobia from homosexual activists. After all, anonymous sex and risky situations are part of their "culture", necessary to their sexual "identitites" and "gender expression". It would be a violation of their "human rights" if the state put any restrictions on their behavior. So the authorities have agreed to the activists' demands not to disturb their cruising grounds in The Fens (Boston)and Fellsway Park (Somerville), and in the bars.

From CCAA's web site: "The mission of Cambridge Cares About AIDS (CCA) is to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic by serving those most impacted by social and economic inequality. CCA provides accessible prevention, education, advocacy, and support services in accordance with harm reduction principles to help people meet self-identified goals."