Sunday, August 05, 2007

Crafting "Transgender" Youth

Left: Miss Vera, workshop presenter at the transgender Fantasia Fair coming up in P'town, now recruiting "trans" college students. [Photo credit: "Miss Vera's Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls"]

Reasonable people knew that our society's downward descent would not stop at homosexuality. Once boundaries on sexual morality and public behaviors were overturned, there is no end to the depravity and perversion -- the sickness will only multiply, taking new forms. Overturning sodomy laws and recognizing civil unions or "homosexual marriage" gave the green light to even wilder perversions, such as opposite-sex hormone injections (even starting pre-puberty!), breast or penis removal, and other "transitioning" medical treatments.

The recent, coordinated explosion of propaganda normalizing transgenderism and transsexuality is breathtaking. Not surprisingly, the target is increasingly children and youth. Here are two recent youth recruitment notices we've come across, going after high school and college students. The first, a teen girls' magazine trolls for "transgender" stories from its young readers; the second, a college network sends around an email offering scholarships to attend a tranny fest in Provincetown.

Teen Voices, a Leftist national online publication for teen girls (published out of an office in Boston) claiming a readership of 50,000, is encouraging "transgender" teens to write articles for an upcoming issue. (A Teen Voices group marched in the Youth Pride parade in Boston.) Jennie of Teen Voices magazine recently sent out this email:

Teen Voices is a magazine for girls that encourages empowering young woman [sic] in a safe and informative way. I am a teen editor for the Special Features section and the group has decided to write about transgender youth. In the article, they are writing about the different issues that transgender teens go through. Teen Voices hopes to educate teens who don't know about trans youth and also hope to give valuable information to those who are more closely connected to the topic. Currently Teen Voices is looking for article submissions from transgender teens. Looking for any teens who would be interested in submitting their story or who might be willing to talk to Jennie in a phone interview. This would be a good way to share their experience and be published in a national magazine. Contact Jennie at to submit or for moreinformation. All submissions are due by August 10th.Visit

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition is encouraging "trans" college students to attend the "Fantasia Fair" in Provincetown this October. "Scholarships" are available. They are training their future leaders, especially female-to-males (FTMs) young women (oops -- can't call them women?). From Fantasia Fair's web site:

Fantasia Fair is a week-long transgender event that attracts people from the entire range of the GLBTI community - crossdressers, transsexuals, intersex individuals, M2Fs, F2Ms, and their significant others are all welcome. . . . The Fair is a “full immersion” experience, meaning that attendees can and usually do spend an entire week living 24/7 in their chosen gender. Started in 1975, “FanFair” is the longest-running annual event in the transgender world. Every year the Fair grows in its scope, character, and assistance to the gender explorer. FanFair continues to be the leading annual program promoting an individual’s ability to thrive in a real-life situation, and receive positive reinforcement and encouragement. This allows the cross dresser, MTF transsexual, FTM transsexual and all the gender diverse to experience life in an open and caring environment — something unique in a world that typically has difficulty understanding and accepting gender diversity.

The Fantasia Fair Planning Committee will be awarding scholarships to the 33rd annual Fantasia Fair, to be held October 14-21 in historic Provincetown, Massachusetts. Scholarship recipients will receive freetuition to the Fair, including all seminars, workshops, and events, 12 meals, and shared room accommodations for seven nights.... "We're proud to make this announcement," said Fair Director Dallas Denny. "Fantasia Fair is a wonderful conference. We want to reach out especially to the young people who will be the future leaders of our community, and especially to FTMs."