Friday, August 17, 2007

Quebec Govt Threatens to Take Children from Mennonite Parents

Read this news from Canada, and ask how long it will be before Massachusetts authorities begin taking children away from their "conservative Christian" or "homophobic" parents. The First Circuit Federal Court has already ruled that parents can be denied their right to determine the moral and religious education of their own children, and that their children must be indoctrinated that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal, healthy, and equal to heterosexuality. The Mass. Department of Education and local school districts have long violated existing Massachusetts law requiring parental notification and opt-out privilege on issues of human sexuality.

Whether you call this Leftist indoctrination, atheistic fascism, anti-Creationist fascism, or homofascism, the end result is the same: Children will soon belong to the state, not to their parents.

Mennonites threaten to abandon Quebec
The province insists the group's children must go to a sanctioned school. Leaders say they'll leave the province rather than conform
CanWest News Service, 8-16-07

They have integrated into Quebec society, found jobs, made friends and learned French. But members of Quebec's only Mennonite community say they'll move out of the province before they'll send their children to government-approved schools. It's a question of religious intolerance, said Ronald Goossen, who in the early 1990s was among the first Mennonites from Manitoba to move to this sleepy town about 100 kilometres east of Montreal. "It's kind of sad because we enjoy the community, we have friends and we have good rapport with our neighbours.

"But when they threaten to take our children and put them in foster homes, that's beyond what we can accept," said Goossen, 56. Parents were warned they'll face legal proceedings if their children aren't enrolled in sanctioned schools this fall. That could lead to children being taken from families, Goossen said. He said about 30 members of the 15-family community -- couples with their school-aged children -- will have to move before school starts. The others will follow.

. . . Problems arise because the teacher is not certified and the province's official curriculum is not being taught, say education officials. [The official curriculum teaches anti-Christian attitudes and immorality antithetical to the Mennonite way of life.]
"To do that, we would have to send teachers to schools we don't want to send our children to," Goossen said. "We don't agree with the emphasis on evolution, which we consider false; we don't like the morality standards; and we don't like the acceptance of alternative lifestyles," he said . . .