Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tim Gill's Donations to Mass. Legislators in 2004

Above: Multimillionaire Tim Gill is funding the homo/transsexual assault on America's state legislatures [photo: Atlantic Monthly]
Below: Patrick Guerriero (on right), Executive Director of Gill's PAC which bought the vote against the marriage amendment on June 14; with Arline Isaacson of Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (center) [photo: In NewsWeekly]

Tim Gill of the Gill Foundation was still into open donations to state legislators and candidates in 2004. But since that time, after the establishment of his Gill Action Fund PAC -- with former Mass. pol Patrick Guerriero at its head -- he's been funneling his money more secretively. How many little MassEquality activists have volunteered to launder his funds (and for sure, activists outside the state as well)?

Look at this list of 2004 recipients of Gill's largesse [click on "search contributions" then enter name of donor and dates]. Why don't we see Gill's name any more on the Secretary of State's records? We do, however, see his operative Guerriero running the show at the June 14 Constitutional Convention (photo above), where they buried VoteOnMarriage's amendment with Gill's money. (In the Mass. Elections Division report, Gill variously identifies his employer as: retired; philanthropist; attorney; investor; unemployed; self-employed; Quark Express, and Gill Foundation. In one entry, he is listed as Tina Gill. Maybe that explains his support of tranny causes?)

9/14/2004 $500.00 Resor, Pamela P.
10/19/2004 $500.00 O'Leary, Robert
10/28/2004 $500.00 Augustus, Edward M.
12/11/2004 $500.00 DiMasi, Salvatore F.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Fargo, Susan C.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Stanley, Thomas M.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Palacios-Boyce, Monica
09/01/2004 $500.00 Turner, Cleon H.
09/01/2004 $500.00 Canessa, Stephen R.
09/07/2004 $500.00 Sannicandro, Tom
09/08/2004 $500.00 Meoni, Paul J.
09/10/2004 $500.00 McQuilken, Angus
09/10/2004 $500.00 Sheehan Jr., Kenneth
09/10/2004 $500.00 Mazza-Moriarty, Rosemarie
09/12/2004 $500.00 Patrick, Matthew C.
09/15/2004 $500.00 Sciortino, Carl
10/20/2004 $500.00 Purinton, Timothy A.
10/20/2004 $500.00 Peake, Sarah K.
10/20/2004 $500.00 Thomas, John
10/21/2004 $500.00 McFeeley, John J.
10/22/2004 $500.00 Teahan, Kathleen M.
10/22/2004 $500.00 Peisch, Alice Hanlon
10/30/2004 $500.00 Howitt, Steven
10/12/2006 $500.00 D'Amico, Steven J.
10/20/2006 $500.00 Smith, Stephen Stat
10/12/2006 $500.00 Sandlin, Rosemary
10/20/2004 $500.00 Speliotis, Theodore C.