Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Satanic Trannies" Coming Soon to Massachusetts?

A new "direct action" lesbian/trans/assorted perv group has appeared on the scene, most recently invading a church in Lansing, Michigan. The group "Bash Back" calls themselves "Satanic Trannies" and they are clearly proud of the places reserved for them in hell. (Note the "666" under "Dykes of the Damned" above. Sign below reads "Satanic Trannies".) Their banner in Wikipedia says, "These faggots kill fascists." The group is gearing up all over the country, no doubt soon joining the fray in Massachusetts.

Photos: NBC25.
What does "Bash Back" hope to accomplish through their "radical queer convergences"? From their MySpace:
["Bash Back" is] an anti-assimilation, sex-positive, radical group of queers, transfolk, and feminists dedicated to eradicating heteronormativity, subverting binary gender norms, capitalism, and attacking intersecting oppressions including but not limited to white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, ableism, sizeism, and poverty inside and outside of the movement....
We are fierce as fuck radical queers, transfolk, and feminists who are not concerned with gaining access to oppressive, state-run institutions such as marriage, the military, or obtaining upward economic mobility. We want liberation, nothing less....
[Bash Back welcomes all] queermos, trans people, dykes, fags, bi people, feminists, womyn, people of color, lesbians, gays, butches, femmes, bdsm perverts, sex workers, bearded ladies, ladyboys, bois, grrls, radicals, people with aids, allies, bears, cubs, drag performers, tops, bottoms, burlesque all stars, transvestites, genderqueers, genderfuckers, sluts, poly people, radical cheerleaders, tranarchists, john waters and anyone in between who want to smash the state.