Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mission America Nails It

Our friends at Mission America understand very well where this society is going if we don't say "halt" to the "pansexual" insanity. Here's their comment on a story from the Des Moines Register, about a female toddler who was assaulted in a library. Apparently, the molester had earlier had sex with a man, and then robbed him.

Sex offender accused of robbery (October 6, 2005). "A homeless Des Moines sex offender accused of molesting a toddler in a library restroom robbed a man of $400 last month after the two had sex at a motel, police reports allege."

Mission America writes: "What does this tell us about how we identify sex offenders as homosexual or heterosexual? This guy is all over the map. It's the danger of 'pansexuality.' When unleashed, there are no more neat categories of 'gay' or 'straight.' It's only anarchy and ultimately, violence."