Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Promoting Unhealth at Fenway Community Health

We've written quite a bit about the filth in Bay Windows. This homosexual "newspaper" is available free for you and your children at your neighborhood Stop & Shop, or Shaw's/Star Markets! Some of the worst items tend to appear in the Arts section, or in advertisements.

Some time ago, we reported on the Fenway Community Health Center 's "Tops and Bottoms Wanted" ad for HIV vaccine research. That was bad enough. Now we see this ad (half-page on p. 2 in the Arts section, September 29, 2005):

One more GREAT
reason to have SEX
as if you needed another ...
Fenway Community Health is conducting a
study to help researchers who are developing a rectal
microbicide -- an experimental gel for HIV preven-
tion that works like a lube. But we're not
there yet. To find out what YOU like best in
a lube, we need YOUR input. The lube
used in this phase of the study DOES
NOT offer HIV protection, but this study is
the first step toward new gels that will.
For this study we're seeking men who:
- are 18 years or older
- are currently sexually active
- are HIV-negative
- have been a bottom in the past year
For more information call 617-927-6450
Fenway Community Health
Of course this reminds us of the poster boy of the queer activist movement here in Massachusetts, State Rep. Carl Sciortino of Somerville. He used to be director of research projects at Fenway Community Health, so is probably quite familiar with this type of research. And before that, he was head of the queer activists at Tufts University, where among other things he ran seminars on anal lubricants and proper use of sex toys.
Let's keep our eye on state funding for Fenway Community Health Center.