Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Battle for Maine

You might want to read up on the current battle raging in Maine over the legislature's repeated attempts to write perversion into their laws, over the express wish of the voters. A special vote is coming up on November 8 to repeal a recently enacted bill which purports to protect certain citizens from discrimination. But protecting "sexual orientation and sexual expression" will play out in a very destructive way.

The excerpts below explain what's really at stake. It's also obvious that if the current Maine law stands, sodomitic and lesbian "marriage" will be the next demand of the queer activists. After all, the law says "no discrimination", and "sexual expression" could include the need to be "married".

From the
Maine Coalition for Marriage site:

If sexual orientation is added to Maine's legal code it will start the implementation of policies that discriminate against people with traditional views of morality.

Sexual orientation is often taken to mean homosexuality, however, the two words constitute an umbrella term for numerous sexual behaviors. If Maine society rewards homosexual behavior, more young people will experiment and other sexual orientations and abhorrent sexual behaviors will be normalized. Maine society has an obligation to institute policies that promote the health and well-being of its citizens.

One problem in codifying sexual orientation is that unlike sex or race, gender identity, perception or expression has no concrete limits. In effect, this kind of provision in regard to employment eliminates at-will employment. Anyone who is terminated without cause can attribute the termination to gender identity, perception or expression.

Are you willing to sit by while our Legislature and ultra-liberal Governor say that all forms of sexual deviance are welcome everywhere in Maine no matter how bizarre? Are you willing to sit by, while the Boy Scouts are labeled as haters, and cross-dressers, nudists, and pedophiles are praised as heroes? Are you willing to see the words FATHER and HUSBAND written out of the law as hateful and bigoted, as has already happened in Canada?

The hidden agenda is the normalization of homosexuality in the public schools through books such as “Heather has Two Mommies” and “Daddy Has a Roommate”. Every child deserves a healthy and safe environment at school. Sexual deviance has no place in a school system that is already falling way behind in the teaching of basic subjects. The classroom is not a place to experiment with a redefinition of marriage and the family. Under the current law, a pedophile cannot be barred from a job as a public school teacher on the basis of his sexual orientation.

The Christian Civic League of Maine also puts out a daily alert. Wednesday's picks up on a piece by Rich Lowry (editor of National Review) which correctly links radical feminism with the sexual free-for-all we now find ourselves in.


A recent column by
Rich Lowry claims that feminism has been one of the principal forces which have “unleashed raunch culture” on our society. Lowry says that feminists have contributed to the vulgarization of our society by insisting that women act like men, thus turning women into mere objects – which is nearly the point the Christian Civic League has been trying to make all along.

The current push for gay rights and same-sex marriage would have been unthinkable in early times, when the sanctity of the home was honored and respected. “Gay rights” and “gay marriage” can only be understood in the context of an ever-worsening climate of sexual permissiveness, which includes a toleration of pornography which would have been unthinkable a generation ago.

If homosexual practices are tolerated, or worse yet, put on a par with marriage, radicals will seek the approval of society for even worse forms of sexual deviance. Many on the left are now advocating that marriage be replaced by legal unions between three or more people, in arrangements called “polyamory” or “polyfidelity.” At a recent speech by Mike Heath at Bowdoin College, one student stood up and identified himself as a “polyamourous socialist.”

If one unwritten, universal law – that is the natural law which prohibits sodomy – can be replaced on the basis of an appeal to “rights” and “equality” why not all other natural laws pertaining to sexual morality? The only possible outcome from the overthrow of all laws pertaining to sexual morality, is the death of the institution of the family.