Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Coming Out Day" at Lexington High School

National "Coming Out Day" was last Tuesday, October 11. We knew we could count on Lexington High School to lead their students into a dangerous, sad, and unhealthy lifestyle on this special day... And we're sure that the scene at Lexington High was replicated all over the state.

A friend in Lexington informed us that students had a table in the Lexington High School cafeteria that day, urging students to "come out" and "declare their sexual identity" by signing something (we're not sure exactly what). Promotional literature was handed out. Some teachers were wearing rainbows on their name tags that day, urging students to follow the Pied Piper they've let into their school.

Would Lexington High School let students set up a table in the cafeteria for a pro-life cause? An abstinence program? A Bible study? We don't think so. But they can set up a table about sexual perversion, and tell fellow students that it's cool, awesome, bangin' !

Check out how a Newton, Mass. MIDDLE school newspaper informed its students a few years ago that the day was a national holiday.