Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No Respect for the Truth

WorldNetDaily's two recent stories tell it all: The leftist activists, whether pro-abortion or pro-sodomy, have no respect for the truth. Two landmark Supreme Court decisions, the recent sodomy case from Texas (Lawrence v. Texas) and the abortion-on-demand ruling (Roe v. Wade), were apparently based on cases manufactured by leftist activists. This tells you a lot about these people and their movements.

See WND's stories (October 24, 2005):

"How staged sex crime fooled Supreme Court: Landmark sodomy case faked from start, shrouded in murder mystery, says judge."


"Staged sex crime just tip of iceberg: Trumped-up cases behind other huge decisions, including Roe v. Wade"

From WorldNetDaily:

What appears now to be a trumped-up sodomy case manufactured by homosexual activists, which led to the controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision that in turn has opened the door to same-sex marriage, is not unusual at all – in fact, fraud is a typical modus operandi for transforming America, says the author of a sensational new book.

"The Lawrence case, which if not overturned will almost certainly lead to legalized homosexual marriage, as well as legalized polygamy and adult incest, was based on a fraudulent 'test case,'" said David Kupelian, WND managing editor and author of "The Marketing of Evil." "However, it was the same with Roe v. Wade. Norma McCorvey, the real-life 'Jane Roe,' was recruited by abortion activist attorneys as a 'test' case and claimed she was raped. It wasn't until after Roe v. Wade was decided in her favor – and abortion made legal throughout America – that she confessed she had lied about being raped."