Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Their Own Words and Actions Hurt Them

The GLBT activists are absolutely enraged when the truth of their intentions and actions come to light -- especially when the information we report comes from their own words, their own media, and their own organizations. Unlike them, we don't make things up or go after people on a personal basis. We stick to the issues and just show it like it is, using their own reports and photos, as well as our own photos and eyewitness accounts. (We think it's the photos that they REALLY hate... More new photos coming soon!)

But they've had a free ride for so long, they don't know what to do when others actually tell the truth about their events. The rage of the organizers and goons at their Youth Pride event last Saturday was palpable, when they realized quite a few MassResistance reporters were present. In fact, they're still seething over what we reported last year.

One year ago, at "Youth Pride" time, we alerted then Governor Mitt Romney and the public that way-out groups were accessing their children, leading them deep into the "transgender/transsexual" and "free sex" world. And prior to this year's event, we exposed the cross-dressing emcee who was to introduce Gov. Deval Patrick (who decided not to collect his Youth Pride award in person).

The articles we put out last year apparently had a huge impact. Ask yourself: Would a pro-life rally have any problem with reporters being present? Would a Boy Scout Jamboree? Would a walk for cancer research? So ... what are these GLBT activists trying to hide?

We thought we'd post some of our pieces again from the MassResistance blog one year ago:
"PUMP's Outreach at Youth Pride" (7-1-06) . Note that this organization's web site still lists Youth Pride as an event where they do "outreach". Also: Fenway Community Health Supports Scenes from Hell (6-23-06). This links to Bay Windows on "Becca D'Bus", director of a so-called "guerrilla theater" in "gay" cruising grounds (6-20-06). This "guerrilla performer" was present at the Youth Pride event on Saturday, spreading some sort of message.

These are the groups the Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth is putting our children in touch with! And they don't want you to know. So they will try to kill the messenger.