Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sodomy Advocate to Lead Blue Cross of Mass.

This is too much: State Senator Jarrett Barrios set to become head of Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts? A man who celebrates sodomy as a basis for "marriage"?! Add this atrocity to the naming of John Auerbach, ditto, as head of our Department of Public Health. These are guys who (pretend to) think the way to stop AIDS is to hand out condoms and lube as men enter the Fens for anonymous sexual encounters. Men "married" to men. Massachusetts truly is a perverted place. Watch for grants to such groups as Fenway Community Health Center to increase.

Boston Globe: "Barrios to quit state Senate; Will become head of health foundation" (5-23-07).

The Globe reports that Barrios is "father" to two boys. His "spouse" (note: the Globe avoids saying "husband" knowing that's just too much for most of their readers) is Doug Hattaway, Democrat political consultant. Isn't Barrios the same guy who recently stuck his tongue out at a political opponent at the State House -- not in jest, but with deep ill will?