Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gov. Patrick & Drag Queen at "Youth Pride" This Weekend?

"Drag queen" Raquel Blake with his buddies at Speedo swimsuit contest
[InNewsWeekly photo]

We sent Governor Deval Patrick a letter yesterday. According to Youth Pride's postings, he is receiving an award from a "drag queen" at their opening ceremony on Saturday. (Also receiving an award is GLSEN, the prime mover of GLBT propaganda in our schools.) We asked Gov. Patrick not to be a part of this hideous event:

Dear Governor Patrick:
You really must reconsider your participation in the "Youth Pride" event this Saturday. That event does nothing more than encourage disturbed children to enter a life full of health risks, both physical and mental. Adult web sites [Boston Pride, Edge Boston, Mass. Transgender Politcal Coalition] are advertising the event to their readers, facilitating meetings between many sexually predatory adults and vulnerable children. The state should prevent rather than encourage such possibilities.
Are you aware of the background of the person presenting your award? Do you really think young children should be encouraged by his web site to enter that world of homosexual and trans hedonism? Do you realize the open mic event in the afternoon is hosted by a "transsexual" woman who has had her breasts removed and grown a beard? Are these good role models for the children of Massachusetts?
Please reconsider your participation in this event. I would appreciate a response. [No response received.]

Is the Governor aware of the company he'll keep this Saturday at "Youth Pride"?

* "Drag Queen" Raquel Blake is the emcee presenting Gov. Patrick's award. He's a regular at swimsuit contests in Ogunquit. (Check out the video.)

* GLSEN (perpetrators of Fistgate, distributors of the Little Black Book, backer of the gay clubs in the high schools and Day of Silence, and more recently declared "friends" with a Satanic ally on its MySpace. (Caution: click on GLSEN's "friend" C**kvomit link only after you've said your prayers and read the Bible. This is what they're leading kids to!)

* Gunner Scott, "transman" GenderCrash originator, Transgender Political Coalition co-chair, and big wheel at the Mass. Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth, who's hosting an open mic for the kids later that afternoon. This event is so risque that they have scheduled it for private property (BAGLY headquarters on Bowdoin St. near the State House) and they've posted the following warning: "This event is open to youth and their adult allies only. No video/photo/audio taping or harassment allowed. Anyone not respecting the rules of the space will be asked to leave."

* BAGLY queer/trans prom attendees (at Boston City Hall that evening).