Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another Romney Flip-Flop: Campaign Finance

The Washington Post has catalogued another Mitt Romney flip-flop -- on campaign finance laws. When will gullible "Republicans" wash their hands of this untrustworthy candidate? In 1994, he said there was too much money influencing campaigns, and that PACs should be abolished. But remember that through 2006, Romney was using his own "Commonwealth PAC" to buy endorsements from Republican party leaders and elected officials around the country.

Here's a video from his 1994 Senate campaign vs. Ted Kennedy, calling for strict campaign finance regulation.

From today's Washington Post:

Campaign Finance Flip:
The Mitt Romney who ran in Massachusetts had it right.
Saturday, May 26, 2007

"MY FEAR," former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said at the Republican debate this month, "is that McCain-Kennedy would do to immigration what McCain-Feingold has done to campaign finance and money in politics, and that's bad." Mr. Romney has turned campaign finance reform into one of his stump villains -- which represents a dramatic and wrongheaded turnabout from his days running for office in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Romney called for spending limits on candidates and a 10 percent tax on campaign contributions for state elections to finance publicly funded campaigns. Massachusetts Romney wanted to abolish political action committees because they wield too much power, and he
bemoaned the influence of money in politics.

Presidential candidate Romney vows that, if elected, "a top priority will be to push for the repeal of this deeply flawed measure," referring to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.... Read more...