Thursday, May 10, 2007

Governor Patrick: Renounce Award from Youth Pride!

The man on the right, drag queen "Raquel Blake", will soon be presenting an award to Governor Deval Patrick at Youth Pride for his service to the GLBT community.
[photo: Raquel's MySpace]
Is Governor Deval Patrick attending Youth Pride to receive his announced award or not? His staff has said both things. We read in Bay Windows this morning that he is not planning to attend. (The person presenting the Youth Pride awards shows his stuff in the photo above.)

Whether Gov. Patrick will be present at the event or not, he should renounce the award! Look at the photos of the people involved in the Youth Pride day, and the BAGLY queer/trans prom that evening at Boston City Hall. This is a disgrace to all of Massachusetts. How can our Governor encourage young people to become involved in such dangerous and perverted activities and groups? He is truly contributing to the endangerment of the youth of Massachusetts by his support of Youth Pride!

Phone the Governor's office: 617-725-4005
Contact the Governor via email here.