Thursday, May 17, 2007

Third Anniversary of Nothing Real -- Just the Fiction of "Legal" Homosexual Marriage

(Source: Boston Globe, 5-17-07)

The Boston Globe is just bursting with excitement that MassEquality may be only four votes away from blocking the marriage amendment. Thanks to $millions flowing in from somewhere (the Gill Foundation?) enabling them to hire 13 new operatives. And thanks to a totally corrupt legislative leadership and Governor, buying votes with patronage jobs.

Note the Globe's usual erroneous statement that "the nation's first legal same-sex weddings took place in Massachusetts" in May 2004. No, not legal. There was only a Court opinion, followed by Romney's unconstitutional reprinting of the marriage licenses and orders to Justices of the Peace and Town Clerks.

Also, note the tiny numbers of homosexual couples "marrying" last year (1472) and since January (only 87). That's really not what homosexuality is about -- monogamous commitment. So after the first flurry, we see this huge drop-off.