Sunday, May 06, 2007

Definition of a Women's College?

It all started with radical feminism challenging traditional gender roles. Now the Left has itself completely tied up in knots over gender issues, and it's coming to the surface first at colleges -- specifically, women's colleges, and especially on the "transgender" issues.

But what, we must now ask, is a "women's college"? What are women, after all? The definitions of "woman" and "man" are up for grabs. The most radical colleges and Leftists no longer accept the "binary gender system", so the very concept of a "women's college" should be considered "transphobic"! And the Left dare not be phobic of anything (except the "religious right").

We've commented on the offensive Globe Magazine story that appeared on Easter Sunday about the latest fad of young women at "women's colleges" shooting up with testosterone, then having their breasts removed, then pretending to be men. But it was surprising to see this letter in today's Boston Globe Magazine, pointing out these colleges' logical inconsistencies:

To the Globe Magazine:
As a former member of Smith College's humanities faculty and a psychiatrist who has treated transgendered persons, I found Adrian Brune's piece compelling and her descriptions of their struggles apt. She could have pushed things further, though, by explicitly pointing out the dilemma transmen pose for women's colleges. If the schools admit transmen but exclude biologically born males, they are, in essence, concluding that transmen are not really male. If, on the other hand, these schools want to take transmen seriously and treat them as if they are truly male, they ought to either exclude them or, to avoide utter hypocrisy, admit biologically born males. Oy! What's a smart, liberal, committed women's college to do?
Dr. J Wesley Boyd

Maybe the problem is that these colleges aren't as smart as they think. And maybe it's time for this insanity to come to a halt. Wake up, Leftists! You're tying yourselves up in knots!