Wednesday, January 31, 2007

David Parker's Civil Rights Court Date Next Week

Lexington father David Parker's lawsuit against personnel in the Lexington Public Schools is coming up on Feb. 7 in federal court in Boston.

It's nice to hear that Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) will be there to support him too... Though we haven't heard much from MFI on Parker's story since we broke it in April 2005 (and as we continued to document its every twist and turn). They did secure his presence at a few of their fundraisers ... so we hope they've also contributed to his defense fund.

We're trying to recall if MFI testified for our parents' rights bill in the last legislative session. Hmm... This session, MassResistance has filed the only parents' rights bill that will be truly effective, informed as it is by our understanding of the Parker case. If MFI is sincere in its support of Parker, they should fully support our bill -- to prevent future similar scenarios.

From our Dec. 29, 2006 email alert:

David Parker's federal civil rights lawsuit - Oral arguments to take place Feb. 7 in US District Court in Boston! [Dec. 29, 2006]

After months of delay, the oral arguments for David Parker's federal civil rights lawsuit against school and town officials in Lexington is scheduled to take place Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 2 pm in the US District Court in South Boston, before Judge Marc Wolf. (A few days ago it had been announced that it would be Jan. 18, but apparently the defendants asked that it be pushed back even more.)

At this "oral arguments" session, the defendants (the Lexington public officials) will try to persuade the judge not to allow the case to continue. And David Parker's lawyers will be countering that - with arguments that the case MUST be allowed to be heard!

The Parkers, along with Rob and Robin Wirthlin, are suing the Lexington officials (including Superintendent Paul Ash) over the school system's refusal to notify parents of elementary school children when adults present topics homosexuality or transgenderism to the kids. Parents have been told that the schools will not notify them even after these things have taken place! David Parker was arrested and spent the night in jail in April, 2005, over his insistence that they notify him - as required by state law - regarding homosexuality being presented to his son in kindergarten. This lawsuit has gotten national attention, and major pro-homosexual groups such as Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC, as well as the ACLU have begun giving legal support to the school system against David Parker.

Here's our full report on the David Parker incident and federal lawsuit: