Monday, January 08, 2007

RINOs & Their $ for Romney

Romney bragged on Howie Carr's show (and Howie asked only softballs) that he raked in $6.5 million. Money talks. Values and principles don't matter. Look who's with him: RINOs Bill Weld and Kerry Healey. And Howie: Are you or aren't you a conservative???

From the Globe story on Mitt's big kickoff fundraiser in Boston (1-8-07):
Mitt Romney easily surpassed his goal for a day-long presidential fund-raiser early this afternoon as an aide announced at a star-studded phone-a-thon that the group had collected more than $1 million. Earlier in the day, his campaign didn't directly answer a reporter's question about whether it had deliberately set a low target so the day would come off as an overwhelming success. Romney is hoping the one-day push will demonstrate his fund-raising prowess, and, thus, his viability as a 2008 Republican presidential candidate.

At the lead table is former Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld, who alternates between making phone calls and checking his BlackBerry. Seated to his right is Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, a key political supporter of Romney's campaign.... Also at the table is former Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey and her husband, Sean....

All the callers have tapped into an Internet-based database built by Romney's campaign that they're calling ComMitt, which allows fund-raisers to log donations and access [carefully edited] information about Romney's positions on various issues. "This is the most advanced technology ever employed in a fund-raising effort," Romney said in his opening remarks.