Sunday, October 07, 2007

State Rep. Puppolo Paying Price for Lying to Voters

Whether one supported the recent VoteOnMarriage amendment or not (and we didn't for reasons elaborated on this blog), we still believe that voters who did should not have been lied to by their State Rep candidate in the last election.

Freshman Rep. Angelo Puppolo of Springfield promised prominent constituents that he would vote for the amendment when it came before the Legislature. He lied. And now a national pro-marriage group has put up a huge billboard on I-91 calling him a traitor. (Check out the web site behind the billboard here.)

There has been much outrage around the state over the flippers in the Legislature, including Sen. Candaras and Reps. Loscocco and Ross. How easily our elected representatives have been corrupted by money and perks from the homosexual lobby! Puppolo has joined their name-calling bandwagon: those behind the billboard are "hateful" and "small-minded." (A radical leftist blog run by Frederick Clarkson that focuses on the dangerous "Christian right" has now taken up Puppolo's cause in response to the billboard, and is urging its readers to contribute to Puppolo's campaign fund!)

From the Springfield Republican (10-6-07):

Billboard attacks gay marriage vote
By Dan Ring

BOSTON - A New Jersey group yesterday unveiled a massive billboard in Springfield that compares a local legislator to Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold for switching his vote on gay marriage.

Called "Betrayed," the billboard, posted on Interstate 91 near the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, targets state Rep. Angelo J. Puppolo Jr., a freshman Democrat from Springfield.
Puppolo changed his position on gay marriage and voted "no" to placing a question on next year's statewide ballot that sought to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex unions, legal in Massachusetts since May 2004. During the campaign last year, Puppolo said he would support the ballot question.

"Tactics like this reinforce my belief that I did the right thing," Puppolo said. "I voted to keep discrimination off the ballot and out of the Massachusetts constitution."

Brian S. Brown, director of the newly created National Organization for Marriage, of Princeton, N.J., which financed the billboard, said yesterday Puppolo betrayed marriage and the public trust. ...

Puppolo said the billboard is hateful and offensive.... Puppolo, 38, said the billboard goes too far. "It's unfortunate that small-minded groups like this from out of the area come in and spread this kind of hate and inflammatory statements," he said.