Saturday, July 14, 2007

Experts Say Romney Created Homosexual "Marriage" -- WorldNetDaily

(from our 12-21-06 posting:)
MassResistance at the State House, Boston, November 19, 2006

[photo (c) 2006 MassResistance]

In November 2006, Governor Mitt Romney held a phony "marriage rally" on the steps of the Massachusetts State House. MassResistance was there, calling on the Governor to reverse his unconstitutional orders (before leaving office in January 2007) to his Department of Public Health, Town Clerks, and Justices of the Peace that implemented illegal "homosexual marriage" in Massachusetts. We received no response from the Governor either in November, or to a formal letter signed by 44 prominent national conservative leaders in December. Finally, the national conservative press is beginning to understand and report the truth about Mitt Romney's subversion of Constitutional government in Massachusetts. It's amazing how, in this world of controlled media, it took three years to get this "NEWS" out. Thanks to WorldNetDaily for their courage in reporting the truth! In today's WorldNetDaily:

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Experts: Credit Romney
for homosexual marriage

'What he did was exercise illegal legislative authority'