Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What the Gay-Straight Alliances Talk About

No one really knows what students at the "gay-straight alliance" clubs (GSAs) in our high schools talk about. We're pretty sure the faculty/staff advisors tell the students, "What we talk about here, stays here." But since the topic is sex, and perverted sex at that, we shudder to imagine what goes on. Here's a little insight, from a Catholic news service in California, that we just came across. It refers to the GSA Network News, which currently focuses on California but says it is expanding nationwide. You can be sure the Massachusetts activists are spreading the same sort of information as the California GSA Network:

GSAs: not as innocent as they may seem; Gay Straight Alliance promotes sex-toy workshop for youth.
California Catholic News, June 25, 2007

The Gay Straight Alliance [of California], which has clubs for homosexual and lesbian students on college, high school, and, now middle school campuses, this month promoted a “Pleasure Physiology and Sex Toys” workshop in its internet publication, GSA Network News. The workshop ... “will encourage your personal sexual exploration in this fun, informative workshop ... on pleasure physiology and sexual response, and learn how to choose and use sex toys safely.” The workshop, the News, “is for youth 14 and over” ... [and other] workshops on masturbation, anal sexuality, gay sexuality, porn, and “sex club etiquette” [are given].