Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ACLU Laying Traps in Massachusetts

Left: Anthony Romero, national executive director of the ACLU, is speaking in Lowell and Concord today. [photo:]

The Larry Cirignano case is just one example of the ACLU's nefarious activities in Massachusetts. They're doing what they can to entrap conservative, pro-family leaders and tie us up in lawsuits. It's no accident that the woman behind the charges against Cirignano is on the board of the Mass. ACLU. And interesting that their national director, Anthony D. Romero, is in town today pushing his book in Lowell and Concord.

Another ACLU entrapment effort seemed to be underway just a few weeks ago. When parents in the Acton-Boxborough High School district planned a forum to expose the content and message of the fall play, "The Laramie Project " (set for early November run), they asked MassResistance for help. Sure enough, a week or so prior to the forum on Oct. 3, a "college student from Emerson" called the MassResistance office to ask about the forum, and said she wanted to tape it because she was "doing a research project on the ex-homosexual movement," and was especially interested in ex-homosexual Stephen Bennett's participation in the event. (Footnote: Bennett's vehicle was intentionally rammed by a hit-and-run driver on his way to the event, and could not participate.)

We told this young woman that she was certainly welcome to attend, but that it didn't make sense for her to do her own video of the event, since we had several people lined up to do that. She would be able to get a copy after the event, we told her, and we didn't want a lot of disruption with cameras. She kept prodding. "It's a public meeting, so I should be able to tape." We sensed some trap, and asked her how she heard of the event and if she was connected to a certain activist group (which we knew was closely connected to Emerson).

Apparently, this was part of an ACLU attempt to stir up trouble. Just as they did in Worcester. Suspected ACLU activists were observed in the audience on Oct. 3, and a news channel told us the ACLU was planning to be at the forum.

Our message to the ACLU: The "Laramie Project" Forum is about to be broadcast on Acton cable TV, probably starting Thursday night. Get your VCRs ready. Or contact the MassResistance office, and you can purchase a tape. But ACLU members won't get the friend's discount. (Can we be charged with something for that???)