Saturday, July 11, 2009

GLAD: Perversion, Public Sex and Censorship

So -- now that this blog has made history as possibly the first to be semi-blocked by Google for “objectionable content” -- what exactly is it that is so effective on this blog? First, we publish only facts, “uncomfortable truths,” not rumors or personal attacks. And obviously, our photos reveal the ugly truth. Then, we identify those public figures who are twisting the law to enable public perversion and subversion of our youth and culture.

Jennifer Levi (on right) – GLAD's transgender
rights attorney [GLAD photo]

How did we earn the "objectionable" award? Who's gunning for us? We're sure GLAD, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, is very unhappy with us (along with their co-conspirators on the GLBT blogosphere). Since we recently posted on GLAD's transgender rights bill [here, here, here & here], we assume it riled quite a few individuals on its staff.

Ms. Lee Swislow, GLAD Executive Director, used to head a transgender/transsexual clinic. [GLAD photo]

GLAD -- the legal advocacy group behind “gay marriage” and “transgender rights” – has a rich history of defending public perversion. The organization was founded to defend the right of homosexuals to have sex in restrooms at the Boston Public Library. That was in 1978. They brag about this on their web site. Bay Windows tells the story [Ethan Jacobs, “GLAD turns 30,” 1/16/08]:

Back in 1978, about 30 years before Larry Craig and his "wide stance" had pundits and late night comedians buzzing about bathroom hook-ups, Boston police launched a sting operation targeting gay men cruising at Boston Public Library (BPL). They sent in undercover cops to solicit and arrest men, and in two weeks they made 103 arrests. Gary Buseck, legal director of Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), said that such arrests had been common in Massachusetts and around the country and that most men arrested under those circumstances opted to handle the matter quietly, forgoing legal representation and accepting whatever deal police or district attorneys were willing to offer. But the BPL sting triggered an outpouring of anger in Boston’s gay community, and activists organized demonstrations in front of BPL, accusing police of entrapment. The protests also convinced a young attorney named John Ward to found GLAD, which would go on to win marriage rights for same-sex couples in Massachusetts, secure disability protections for people living with HIV across the country, and win numerous other legal victories on behalf of LGBT people and people living with HIV/AIDS throughout New England.

GLAD has gone on to intimidate the Massachusetts State Police into allowing all sorts of public sex – in the Fens (in Boston’s Back Bay), in historic Minuteman Park in Lexington, in Estabrook Woods in Concord (where an informant told us they recently even had mattresses in the woods, left undisturbed by the police), in public lavatories across the state. If the sex is taking place behind a bush or lavatory door, that’s “private” so it’s OK, thanks to GLAD! (We hate to imagine what’s going on in the Boston Public Library lavatories these days.)

Mary Bonauto, the GLAD attorney who argued the State Police case, later argued for "gay marriage" before the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court, and is now challenging the federal Defense of Marriage law (DOMA).

Mary Bonauto, GLAD attorney who argued for
“gay marriage” in Mass before SJC;
now leading lawsuit against federal
Defense of Marriage law (DOMA). [GLAD photo]

(GLAD is now pushing to decriminalize even more open public sex. They had a forum in January 2008 called "Sex on the Margins." We heard the discussion was "out there.")

If GLAD gets its way on “transgender rights,” this blog won’t just contain a warning from Google. Its author will be slapped with a criminal discrimination charge, and Google will have its green light to begin censoring all blogs standing for traditional values. Get ready.