Sunday, July 30, 2023

New Mass. law to recognize "gender X" in addition to M & F on state IDs

More “gender” insanity in Massachusetts. C.J. Doyle, Exec. Director of the Catholic Action League of Mass., explains:

Re: Senate Bill 2429, An Act Relative to Gender Identity on Massachusetts Identification.
This proposed law, if enacted, would have four effects. 
    A third gender designation -- X, in addition to M and F -- would be allowed on all public documents issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles which identify Massachusetts residents. These documents would include driver's licenses, learner's permits, state identification cards and liquor purchase identification cards.
    On their application to the Registry for such a document, a person would be permitted to choose their gender designation, regardless of their biological sex. This choice could include gender X.
    Secondly, any person over eighteen years of age, or in the case of a minor, their parent or guardian, would be permitted, retroactively, to alter their birth certificate to designate their sex as X, or to some other, yet unspecified, designation.
    Thirdly, a person will be permitted, retroactively, to amend their certificate of marriage, altering both their name and their gender designation, which could include gender X, or some other potential gender designation.
    Finally, all state agencies which minister to young people -- including the Department of Youth Services, the Department of Families and Children and the Department of Mental Health -- will be required to disseminate to the charges in their care information on changing their sex and gender designations and to establish protocols to assist them in this process.
    S.2429 was passed to be engrossed by the Massachusetts Senate on July 27th. The vote was unanimous, 39-0, with all 36 Democrats and all three Republicans voting in the affirmative The measure will now be taken up by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

[C.J. Doyle comments:]
"This bill will require the Commonwealth to affirm and give legal sanction to the ideologically driven delusion that gender is a subjective social construct, which can be altered arbitrarily and capriciously, rather than what it actually is, which is an objective and immutable biological reality.

    "It will make government a party to this delusion. It will confuse and falsify public records, and compel government employees, in some cases, against their consciences, to participate in this falsification.
    "It will result in discrimination in public employment against those who hold a traditional understanding of reality, and will make the investigation of offenders more difficult for law enforcement.
    "Section 4 of the bill will essentially empower government bureaucrats who administer programs for youth to proselytize the minors in their care for so-called gender transitioning.
    It is an insane and malign proposal, and it ought to be rejected."

Note: The Registry of Motor Vehicles, under Republican Governor Charlie Baker, has permitted the use of the Gender X designation since November of 2019. This was a decision of the Registrar, taken in collaboration with the Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth and the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. What S.2429 does is give a policy position the force of law, converting an executive order into a statute.


And so, we return to the ultimate question: What is “gender”? No one can answer (except with a circular definition). And yet it is already embedded in the laws across the US. Now Congress is poised to pass the “Equality Act” which would force the entire country to bow to gender insanity.