Tuesday, December 19, 2023

"Trans" students' restroom use declared a right by GLAD - going back to 2001

In early 2008 – almost 16 years ago – GLAD spoke. And so it would be: “Trans” students must be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice in Massachusetts. And the schools obeyed!

MassResistance tried to warn the country what was coming their way, but who was listening then?
This was 4 years before the Mass. Trans Rights law took effect (2012), 5 years before the state issued its "guidelines" for supporting "trans youth" in schools (2013), and 8 years before the law protecting trans rights in public accommodations (2016).

The first Mass. court precedent for trans student "rights" came down in 2001 (decided by a lesbian judge): Pat Doe v. Yunits (note 2 in GLAD document).

But only in the past few years has the country awakened to the insanity this would bring to their schools.