Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maryland Schools to Promote Anal Sex

The public health consequences of state-sanctioned sodomy-based "marriages" will be profound, compounding the decades of denial regarding HIV/AIDS transmission (dictated by radical homosexual activists). We already see the effect in our Massachusetts public schools, which now claim they must teach that anal sex is the equivalent of natural and healthy heterosexual intercourse -- because "gay marriage is legal."

Where were the physicians in the great non-debate on homosexual "marriage" in our State House? In the subsequent push to force homosexual sex on our schoolchildren, for example through Rep. Alice Wolf's "comprehensive health education" bill, a prominent public health physician stepped forward to point out that anal intercourse was five times more likely to result in HIV infection than vaginal intercourse (according to CDC statistics), and should not be presented to children as an acceptable behavior. But would it have made a difference if there had been 250 physicians joining with him? It didn't in Maryland! It seems most of our legislators are brain dead, and can't even absorb the most obvious facts any more.

Even in states without the fantasy of "legal" homosexual "marriage", the education establishments are out of control. PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays) tells us that despite a petition signed by 270 PHYSICIANS, the Maryland Department of Education will forge ahead with an extreme and dangerous message to their children, that anal sex is an option just as valid and safe as vaginal intercourse! See today's press release from PFOX:

Maryland State School Board Advances “Sexual Diversity” Above Children’s Safety
News Advisory: July 10, 2007
PFOX@pfox.org www.pfox.org

ROCKVILLE , Maryland – In its ruling last week regarding a controversial sexuality curriculum in Montgomery County , the
Maryland State Board of Education (MBOE) has implicitly authorized local school boards to promote “sexual diversity” to students and teach about anal sex while excluding warnings of the medical dangers pertaining to such practices.

Both the MBOE and Montgomery County School Board
rejected a petition from 270 local medical doctors to include warning about anal sex critical to student safety as issued by the Office of the Surgeon General and National Institutes of Health.

The MBOE has also ruled that Maryland schools may teach questioning and confused students that homosexuality is “innate,” a controversial and unproven theory advanced by gay advocacy groups serving on the Montgomery County School Board’s curriculum advisory committee.

“In order to pander to these forces, sound education doctrine will now be turned on its head in Maryland ,” said Regina Griggs, Executive Director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX). “The MBOE has taken the preposterous position that questioning children can now be taught that they are ‘born that way’ until science proves otherwise ‘with a preponderance of evidence.’”

“Millions of dollars and three decades of research have failed to prove that homosexuality is innate or that change is not possible,” said Griggs. “After our expert testimony and briefs, it became obvious that science failed to justify the Montgomery County Public Schools’ biased and anti-exgay curriculum. Because they know that what they want to teach is not factual, MBOE instead claims that teaching children to ‘respect differences in sexuality’ of transgenders, transsexuals, homosexuals and cross-dressers is a ‘civic virtue.’ ” The Montgomery County School Board reappointed the curriculum advisory committee members who openly attack ex-gays and discourage equal access by ex-gay supporters.”...

PFOX leads the nation in providing outreach, education, and public awareness in support of families and the ex-gay community. They can be reached via their website at www.pfox.org
A copy of this press release is online.