Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holocaust Deniers in Massachusetts

The American Holocaust

All pro-abortion Leftists are Holocaust deniers. That's why they don't want these photos posted. They can't face the truth, for whatever personal reasons. And they don't want you to confront the truth either.
Holocaust Deniers: That includes Governor Deval Patrick. That includes his new appointee to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Kangaroo Court. And our recent pro-abortion ha-ha "Republican" Governors and their court appointees. And all those politicians who claim to be personally opposed to abortion, but don't think they can impose their beliefs on others.
The pro-abortion Leftists are cheering today in Massachusetts. What are they cheering? The Governor has further protected their "right" to murder human babies.
This is the American Holocaust. The "first-class jurists" our Governors and past Presidents have selected are its executioners.
Yes, today's news about Jurist Margot Botsford's appointment to the Court really upset us.