Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mitt Romney and Marriott Hotels Pornography

How much money has Romney made on hotel porn sales?
By John Haskins

While Mitt Romney served on the Marriott Hotels Board of Directors for ten years in the 1990s, he benefitted financially from the chain's profiteering on hard-core pornography (available via in-room TV). If we break down Marriott profits during the period when Romney was involved, how much money did this devout Mormon make from porn purchases?

Romney has broken all records for talking out of all sides of his many mouths. Consider, he:

* is supposedly a devout Mormon, yet has shown not one consistent commitment on any single moral issue in his entire career;

* promised to "be more effective in advancing the homosexual revolution than ..." Ted Kennedy -- the one promise in his entire political career which he clearly has followed through on -- yet he now campaigns as a hero of traditional values;

* said both that homosexuals have a right to be scoutmasters, and conversely, that the Scouts have a right to exclude homosexual adults;

* says both that homosexuals have a right to adopt children, and conversely, that children have a right to both a father and a mother;

* claims to oppose "activist judges" and called the Goodridge decision "tyrannical," yet conversely, treated it not as the mere declaratory judgment it admitted to be, but as if it were a law overriding statutes and binding on the people (against the Massachusetts Constitution);

* claims to be "pro-life" yet opposes protecting human life with a federal amendment -- citing strangely enough a states' rights federalism that he contradicts by pretending to back a federal marriage amendment (which merely draws attention away from his unconstitutional orders to public officials to perform sodomy-based "marriage" though they still violate the law).

Mitt Romney is among the most the most obviously fraudulent, demagogic liars in over two centuries of American politics. His polish and brazenness exceeds that of the infamous "Slick Willie" Clinton. Those falling for his surreal p.r. campaign will someday realize that Romney and his political handlers are snickering at the endless ability of pro-establishment social conservatives to swallow lies.

Appearances aside, Romney's true religion has never been Mormonism, but mammonism. And as he quietly spreads around his lucre buying support, he's been finding out how easily the "elite" of social conservatism can be bought off. And that is one reason why he gets the kid-gloves treatment from "pro-family" media, pundits, lawyers and groups that purport to have a pro-family, socially conservative, constitutionalist commitment and world view.

See the story at MSNBC (7-3-07), First Read: The Day in Politics
"Oh-eight (R): More on McCain's Day"
by Mark Murray, NBC Deputy Political Director

ROMNEY: CBN's Brody reports on an issue that could get traction in evangelical circles in the South: "Some anti-pornography groups are demanding answers as to how much presidential candidate Mitt Romney knew about the Marriott hotel chain's profits of pornography sales during his nearly ten years on the Board of Directors in the 1990s. The hotel chain is one of many that offer pay-per-view sex videos for sale through in-room entertainment."

From CBN's Brody:
During his run for President, Romney has campaigned on a platform of "family values" recently telling a graduation class, "Pornography and violence poison our music and movies and television and video games." Some of these conservative grassroots activists want to know whether he spoke up or tried to put a stop to Marriott's business dealings back then.

Phil Burress, founder of Citizens for Community Values has been fighting hotel chains for decades on this issue. He tells The Brody File that every month a group of roughly 15 anti-pornography leaders meet in Washington to discuss the latest happenings. Mitt Romney's Marriott connection has come up repeatedly. "Ever since he announced president, it's been a topic of discussion."

Mitt Romney's campaign told CBN the following: "Governor Romney's role as board member was in an advisory capacity on financial matters related to the company and, obviously, he did not have a role in the day-to-day operations or decisions of individual franchise holders."

John Harmer, President of the anti-pornography group The Lighted Candle Society and the former Lieutenant Governor of California under Ronald Reagan isn't buying it. He wants to hear more. "My attitude toward board members is that they are fully responsible," Harmer said. "They knew exactly what they were receiving. I don't think any board member under any rationale could claim ignorance. You're either a board member or not. I can't imagine a board member going a full year and not receiving a revenue report from the company."

Previous news accounts researched by The Brody File show that Romney was paid more than $100,000 per year while on the board of Marriott. When he left in 2002, J.W. Marriott, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Marriott International, called him, "an active, hands-on Director… From his first days on our Board nine years ago, Mitt has been an extraordinarily effective director and visionary leader."

Mitt Romney has a very close relationship with the Marriott family.

Note: One Michael Marriott is a big-time homosexual activist in Salt Lake City, and was largely responsible for bringing GLBT volunteers into the Salt Lake City Olympics while Mitt Romney was in charge. And oh yes, the Boy Scouts were denied a big role in that same Olympics for some reason.