Friday, July 27, 2007

Top Activist for Transgender Cause Confused

Is he, or isn't he? That is the question.

Above: Trevor at the BAGLY Queer/GLBT Prom (May 2007).

Below: Trevor (?) in drag on his Hawaii trip (photo he posted at the top of his blog) -- but maybe it's his twin sister? [Update 7-28: Trevor informs us it's his friend Megan. We're always eager for clarification... It would be fun to see more photos of her on that adventure. ]

Bay Windows, Boston's GLBTQIP newspaper, reported on another party we haven't been invited to -- though apparently we provided the occasion for the event. Thanks to MassResistance, a BIG fundraiser is going to be held for the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition by one of their leading activists, Trevor. Trevor works for BAGLY (the Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth), and his boss is a "transwoman" named Sterling Stowell (AKA "Grace").

It seems to hurt Trevor's feelings that the MassResistance web site identified him as what he is: an activist working to promote the "trans rights" cause. It didn't say he is "transgender" --whatever that is -- just that he is a "transgender activist" -- which he clearly is. Maybe Trevor is revealing some deep-seated transphobia if he is so troubled by being identified as transgender.

Anyhow, Trevor's having a "coming out trans" party, and using it to raise money for the trannies. Maybe the partygoers will help clarify their terminology for us? Their word "transgender" seems quite flexible. It could mean a male who dons a female-style wig from time to time, just for fun; or a person who publicly dresses and identifies as a member of the opposite sex. Or, it could mean a full-fledged transitioning person, hormone shots, operations and all. And how does "transgender" connect to the "tops and bottoms" terminology? Could a "bottom" be considered a "trans" person, i.e. a male acting as a female? And then there's the Q in "GLBTQIP" for "questioning" -- and that can cover just about anybody doing or contemplating anything.