Sunday, July 08, 2007

WorldNetDaily on How to Bring Down "Big Sodomy"

Time for the ex-gays suffering from HIV/AIDS and other "gay" diseases to take it to the courts. Sue all those complicit in covering up the truth about the health dangers of the GLBT "lifestyle", just like the smokers suffering from lung cancer did against "Big Tobacco". See the WorldNetDaily, "Will ex-gays bring down 'Big Sodomy'?".

... After all, the biggest losers aren't the Christian right or grass-roots Americans, who have voted overwhelmingly against "alternative" definitions of marriage. The biggest losers are those who gaily fling themselves into the arms of the deadly beast that devours them whole. ...

Once enough of the victims have seen how they have been duped by the universities, politicians, media, business (deep pockets), Hollywood, politicians and, yes, the gay agenda itself, to throw away their health and life expectancy, they will come out swinging, marching boldly behind their lawyers.

The reverse "coming out" of Michael Glatze is the first major chink in the ramparts of Big Sodomy. More major players will be announcing themselves in time, demonstrating the fallacy of "once gay always gay," the sandy foundation on which the gay agenda is premised. And once science does its work, they will "win." The way the smokers "won."

Hopefully Americans aren't as slow this time to accept the findings, as we were when all we did was smoke. If you have a friend or relative who has been persuaded by the media, big business, politicians, university programs, including courses of study, or any person or group to try this deadly lifestyle, and especially if your friend or relative is already suffering from a serious disease contracted as a result of it, talk to him or her at the first opportunity about the very real possibility of starting a class-action lawsuit against the group or groups that persuaded them to enter into the activity that did them in. If you happen to be in a care-giving profession, that is a shoe in the door. ...