Monday, November 17, 2008

Anti-Prop 8 Demo in Northampton Pushes "Transgender Rights"

Northampton, Massachusetts -- site of the nation's first major "Transgender Rights" march last June (documented by MassResistance, with video and photos) -- saw its own anti-Prop 8 demonstration on Saturday. But in Northampton, the cause includes "transgender rights" too -- not just "homosexual marriage".

What caught our eye on YouTube was this video of a "male-to-female" transsexual speaker, Lorelei Erisis.

You must watch this to see where our society is going. Men wanting to be women, changing their bodies and names (though rarely their faces or voices):

"Ladies and gentlemen of all genders and persuasions, thank you for coming out..."

And if you don't want to go along with this insanity, you're a "hater" -- according to our President-elect too, not just the radicals assembling in Northampton.

Here is a photo of Lorelei speaking:
Remember that President-elect Obama has promised equal rights for the whole GLBT community -- "T" meaning transgenders or transsexuals. ("Gender identity" is the code language used for trannies.) Clearly, there is no bottom to this pit of confusion, sadness, and perversion into which these people have fallen. Yet our leftist political leaders will encourage even more troubled people to fall in. (See MassResistance, 3-8-08)

(The GLBT blog Reiter's Block has more photos of the Northampton radicals empowered by Obama's promises.)